Monday, July 26, 2010

Cupcake Cookies

This post is courtesy of my sister, Red. Still trying to figure out the photo layout options, but at least they're all here! ~TheYellowRose

Hey guys, Red here! Today Yellow and I got to decorate some wonderful sugar cookies that Zabrina made. It took us a while, even with the three of us working together, but we had a lot of fun doing it.

They have all sorts of different designs as you can see. Some suggested by Zabrina, and others Yellow and I just did on our own. I did the strawberries, butterflies, and the tiny flowers seeing as those are some of my favorite things. Yellow did the cupcake with sprinkles, and the one with the sunflowers.

The cookies themselves are from a Krusteaz mix that's totally delicious and hard to find around here. The marshmallow fondant is just marshmallows heated up in the microwave, mixed with powdered sugar, and rolled thin. We used edible food markers for the designs.

I hope you guys really enjoyed these cookies! I know I sure did; I’m going to have as much fun eating them as I did making them with Red and Zabrina! Until next time!

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