Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Handmade Cards

One of the things I've tried to remember do more this year is make greeting cards (and get pictures of them before they're sent off!). Store-bought cards are often expensive, and by the time I've found one that's "good enough," I could have just made one from scratch! I missed pictures of several this year already, but here are a few in no particular order:

Quilled father's day card (for my father-in-law) - I've really enjoyed getting back into quilling this year, and was especially happy to see that this card made it across the country unscathed!


Quilled and stamped bee father's day card:

Coffee cup mother's day card:

Birthday card for my nephew:

Quilled flowers card for my mother-in-law:

Making home-made cards is deceptively easy and inexpensive. The only real "card-making" tool I have is a scoring board, which helps not only to get the crisp folded edges like the ones on professional cards, but also for creating custom envelopes and interesting textures like the corrugated effect on the coffee cup card. I'll save pretty paper samples from packaging, junk mail, and commercial greeting cards to incorporate into my handmade cards. I've also found (by accident) that people are much less upset about cards arriving late when they're handmade. ;)

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