Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pantry Revamp, Part 2: The Shelves

Part 1 in this series was all about the prep work, and now we're on to Part 2: the actual shelves! I remember standing back and looking at the pantry immediately after putting these up and thinking that it was such a small impact for so much work, but months later, I can't imagine my pantry without these!

First up, measuring! I measured from the wall's edge to the top of the doorjamb, and from the edge of the shelves (see below) to the back of the doorjamb. I used these measurements to figure out what type of wood to buy...these boards ended up being the perfect dept for shelves without interfering with the door, and without me having to cut them more than once.

Once I cut the boards to the proper width, I attached simple corner brackets to the wood and labeled each shelf with a unique number. 

With a pencil, I made sure each shelf was level and at the space I wanted and marked where the top of the board and screw holes were. By now I've about had it with this project and forgot to take more pictures...but imagine hammering drywall anchors into each screw hole, painting all the shelves, then screwing them into their specific spots on the wall!

I also took some of the long screws I was using and re-attached our "temporary" spice rack to the door. Since the shelves don't go beyond the doorjamb, the door still closes without issues. I also took some picture frame wire and made a bit of a "belt" to hold up those boxes on top of the spice's barely visible, but lets us open and close the door without the boxes moving at all.

Unfortunately, while the shelves freed up a lot of space and kept my canned goods in view...they did not solve the issue of losing everything in the deep pantry shelves. The above photo is current, but after finishing the shelves my pantry still looked something like this:

Part 3 is all about how I organized this small pantry on an even smaller budget!

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