Thursday, August 15, 2013

Red's Quick Basil Bacon Chicken Pasta

I'm embarrassed to say that Red shared this recipe with me almost a month ago (with pictures!) and I neglected to post it until today. Now I'm craving my favorite basil I think this is dinner tonight!


Its really easy, just pasta, basil pesto, chicken and bacon. :) So easy!

Quick Basil Bacon Chicken Pasta
1 pound cubed chicken breast
6 slices precooked bacon
1 box spaghetti or other pasta (use gluten-free pasta for an easy gluten-free dinner!)
1 jar basil pesto

Put water on to boil for the pasta, and brown the chicken in another skillet over medium heat.

Boil Pasta according to the package directions.

Chop your cooked bacon and add it to the browned chicken

 Add your basil pesto to the cooked chicken and bacon right in the pan. Cook a bit longer to warm everything through!

Drain your pasta, and combine with the sauced up chicken and bacon in a large bowl. Dinner is served!


Red is now living in New York with her husband and two small children, so cooking quickly and on a tight budget plays into her recipes. I'm really excited to see what else she can add to the blog!

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