Thursday, January 24, 2013

My latest obsession - Crochet!

A coworker at my last job taught me to crochet last year, and I've been hooked (sorry, couldn't resist) ever since! Here are a few things I've made:

Amigurumi Bomb-omb. This was fun and fairly easy!  Pattern here: 

Broomstick lace cup sleeve. No pattern, but this was the first usable thing I made.

Amigurumi dachshund. This pattern is free on (Dachshund 'Claw') and is actually a great pattern despite how this thing looks. It was my first amigurumi, and I used a hook that was way too big! I need to retry it now that I know a bit more.

Wrap scarf for mom - she wanted something shorter that would wrap around her neck. I ended up creating a pattern with a combination of post stitches to get the ridged effect with textured yarn. The matching hat needs more work...

 Long man-scarf for dad. Made with Dan's Minimalist Scarf pattern on Ravelry, but also available here:
I definitely recommend the crab stitch edging - it makes the scarf!

Do you crochet? What are some of your favorite projects so far? Let me know!


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